Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a busy week at The Cabin Path! Last Saturday, we hosted a music workshop by Jodie.  At lunch, we welcomed in SPRING with a drumming/pennywhistle ceremony on the Native American hill!

Also last week, the AJC interviewed my Mom and I about the GA farm newspaper, Farmers and Consumers Market was in Sunday's paper..and a surprise mention about The Cabin Path!

I also had the privilege to meet Evan McGown, co-author of the wonderful book, Coyote's Guide. Evan stopped by after a meeting down at Serenbe.  He is helping to start a new school in that area.. a nature based school!  We walked all around The Cabin Path.  He is currently living in Athens, GA and working with a group, Wild Intelligence. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon!  Evan is a very centered young man with a love and connection to nature... a genuinely welcomed new friend! My only regret, I didn't take any pictures!!

Friday, another workshop! The weather was cool and damp, but we still hit the trails..looking for the ABC's in nature!  It is a great way to get children (and adults) to SEE things outside.  Letters are found everywhere, and this group found many that I had never noticed before!

Look at the little curved stick..its reflection forms a "C"..and there are many other letters hidden in this picture!

Another "wonder"ful week at The Cabin Path...I even discovered another patch of Trillium! I plan to work on trails again today...and of course, take my camera..the wildflower hunt is on!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home School Thursday! We have been talking about plants and looking for signs of spring! Since this is also National Wildlife Week, we also watched for the critters

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As part of National Wildlife Week, the home school workshops will also look for wildlife here at The Cabin Path!

Celebrate National Wildlife Week Starting March 15 - Children & Nature Network (C&NN)

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