Monday, April 21, 2008

The neigh of the horses, the honk of the geese and peeps of the babes, the treasure hunt for new wildflowers, and the greetings from the deer. Can you blame for NOT liking mornings? A labyrinth walk completes it and me...or at least helps me cope. There is magic in this place. It is filled with memories and inspiration. I walked up to the hill above the cabin and sat for awhile. I want to add a memorial spot there...copper stamped leaves or name etched bricks, but some kind of tribute to those that are no longer with us physically. There is a stone marker, too old to decipher, but a headstone for someone or something. I also want to build a small chapel there..a "little church in the wildwood". About 50 years ago, my family was a major part in the organization of UMC in our community. There was a young, energetic student minister that was assigned to take a census in the area to determine if there was enough interest to start a church. John was the kind of person that could never meet a stranger, and he won the hearts and souls for miles around! Long story, short: the church was built! The song, "The Little Church in the Wildwood" was its theme song. So many voices blended together, and now so many of them have passed on. Yup, I'd like to add a little chapel in the wildwood to The Cabin Path.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FYI....someone is using dwthecabinpathm to spam people. It is not us. How do people do this, or why do people do this? Anyway, just venting here and will find an anti spam program.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning at The Cabin Path....Every morning I feed the horses. It begins a journey of new and unexpected discoveries. This morning, I was greeted by horses, the cabin cats, deer, the geese, and new wildflowers. Tiny yellow violets are beginning to bloom. The Trillium are also emerging, and several have buds. The Bluets are tiny purple/blue of my favorites, but certainly not rare. The yellow Green and Gold were everywhere, and a few remaining Rue Anemones, Dwarf Iris, and a surprise...a blooming Pink Lady Slipper!! Many more are budding, but they were not even visible last weekend. Lady Slippers are very particular about their environment. They require a bacteria in the soil to flourish. Many Lady Slippers are killed by well meaning transplanters. They might survive a year or so, but they will eventually die. Perhaps that is one reason I welcome this wildflower with such warmth every year. We share The Cabin Path as home, and I don't think I would adapt to a transplant very easily, either.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby geese....a sure sign of spring. Over the weekend, seven of the new babies arrived at The Cabin Path. I'm sure there are some that perceive these creatures as "pests" but I have a true admiration for them. I have heard that geese mate for life. They are very protective of their spouses, and they will attack almost anything that threatens their nests. During nesting time, they will fight off anything..including other geese.. to defend their eggs, but if they sound an alarm "honk" because of some danger, all of the geese on the lake will fly to help defend the one in trouble. After the eggs hatch, both parents watch over the young. I have seen them spread both wings over the young to hide them from a hawk, and I have watched as they seem to mourn the loss of a baby with a neck twisting movement and a low clucking sound. They are very devoted to family, and they watch over the babes until they can fly. Their loyality is to be admired, and their instincts are amazing...and they are just cute!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The leaves are coming back! I am always amazed by their magic. There is always one spring rain that makes them pop, and then they disguise the fallen limbs and flaws of the winter into mystical hiding places for the wood sprites and fairies. With the aid of some very creative workshop helpers, the fairy village is repairing and rebuilding. Come and dust off your imagination. Believe!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Native Azaleas and Beavers! This is NOT a good combination. I realized too late that the beavers were enjoying these beauties way before their time...not for the flowers, but for the easy access of these plants that grow along the bank of the lake. Ironically, the plants that I tagged with dangling surveyors tape (to label for cuttings) were the ones spared. Evidently, it was just enough movement to frighten them, and the labeled plants were untouched. A lesson learned. The nipped bushes will grow back in time and be fuller plants, but this spring is a little less colorful because of their gnawing. The predicted freezing temps may also take away some of the spring color...yet nature continues in spite of the obstacles. Another lesson learned.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Springtime at The Cabin Path is a magical time. Wildflowers begin to bloom. There are nests and new babies all around. This year we are adding a bird and butterfly area near the labyrinth. Reading and writing "rooms" are tucked among the trees, and offer a quiet time for reflection and meditation. We are a work in progress, and I never want to come to the end of the list! Come and join us for a walk, or come and help us with a project! We will be finishing the chinking on the log cabin....messy, hard work, but it always leaves me with a reborn sense of appreciation for those pioneers! Trails always need sticks picked up..and often you'll discover new mysteries when you reach closer to the earth. There will be a Box Turtle study ongoing. These small creatures are suffering from lack of habitat, along with the White Tailed Deer, fox, and yes, coyotes. Discover the many kinds of dragonflies, trees, and plants. The Cabin Path is a place to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I try to find time to walk our labyrinth everyday. The Cabin Cats have begun to follow me down to the lake, and they often walk with me. They will stop and play..or get right under my feet..or they wait patiently for me to complete my journey. Callie and C.C. are my walking buddies.