Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Wildflowers!
Spring is almost here....yesterday, while walking, I spotted the Rue Anemone blooming. The tornadoes around Atlanta last weekend have downed many limbs and trees. The trail pick up is on....we were so lucky to escaped the worst of the storms. We had 2 tornadoes warnings for our place, but they did not touch down. We had golf ball size hail and strong winds..but nothing like the storm that hit Atlanta...about 12 miles away.

Prayer Tree??? Until recently, I figured that this old pine was just the victim of a rough start! The Mountain Stewards is a group out of Jasper, GA has a Trail Tree Project, and I have been in contact with them. They plan to visit and document our trees. Their web site tells of pines being used as a part of prayer ceremonies of the Native Americans. We had a trail marker tree.. I have always called them signal trees, but it was downed by Hurricane Opal in the mid 1990's. This pine and another tree a short distance from it have always caught my interest. It is amazing to stand beside them and wonder what tales they could tell.