Friday, April 04, 2008

Springtime at The Cabin Path is a magical time. Wildflowers begin to bloom. There are nests and new babies all around. This year we are adding a bird and butterfly area near the labyrinth. Reading and writing "rooms" are tucked among the trees, and offer a quiet time for reflection and meditation. We are a work in progress, and I never want to come to the end of the list! Come and join us for a walk, or come and help us with a project! We will be finishing the chinking on the log cabin....messy, hard work, but it always leaves me with a reborn sense of appreciation for those pioneers! Trails always need sticks picked up..and often you'll discover new mysteries when you reach closer to the earth. There will be a Box Turtle study ongoing. These small creatures are suffering from lack of habitat, along with the White Tailed Deer, fox, and yes, coyotes. Discover the many kinds of dragonflies, trees, and plants. The Cabin Path is a place to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature.

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