Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby geese....a sure sign of spring. Over the weekend, seven of the new babies arrived at The Cabin Path. I'm sure there are some that perceive these creatures as "pests" but I have a true admiration for them. I have heard that geese mate for life. They are very protective of their spouses, and they will attack almost anything that threatens their nests. During nesting time, they will fight off anything..including other geese.. to defend their eggs, but if they sound an alarm "honk" because of some danger, all of the geese on the lake will fly to help defend the one in trouble. After the eggs hatch, both parents watch over the young. I have seen them spread both wings over the young to hide them from a hawk, and I have watched as they seem to mourn the loss of a baby with a neck twisting movement and a low clucking sound. They are very devoted to family, and they watch over the babes until they can fly. Their loyality is to be admired, and their instincts are amazing...and they are just cute!

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