Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning at The Cabin Path....Every morning I feed the horses. It begins a journey of new and unexpected discoveries. This morning, I was greeted by horses, the cabin cats, deer, the geese, and new wildflowers. Tiny yellow violets are beginning to bloom. The Trillium are also emerging, and several have buds. The Bluets are tiny purple/blue of my favorites, but certainly not rare. The yellow Green and Gold were everywhere, and a few remaining Rue Anemones, Dwarf Iris, and a surprise...a blooming Pink Lady Slipper!! Many more are budding, but they were not even visible last weekend. Lady Slippers are very particular about their environment. They require a bacteria in the soil to flourish. Many Lady Slippers are killed by well meaning transplanters. They might survive a year or so, but they will eventually die. Perhaps that is one reason I welcome this wildflower with such warmth every year. We share The Cabin Path as home, and I don't think I would adapt to a transplant very easily, either.

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