Monday, April 21, 2008

The neigh of the horses, the honk of the geese and peeps of the babes, the treasure hunt for new wildflowers, and the greetings from the deer. Can you blame for NOT liking mornings? A labyrinth walk completes it and me...or at least helps me cope. There is magic in this place. It is filled with memories and inspiration. I walked up to the hill above the cabin and sat for awhile. I want to add a memorial spot there...copper stamped leaves or name etched bricks, but some kind of tribute to those that are no longer with us physically. There is a stone marker, too old to decipher, but a headstone for someone or something. I also want to build a small chapel there..a "little church in the wildwood". About 50 years ago, my family was a major part in the organization of UMC in our community. There was a young, energetic student minister that was assigned to take a census in the area to determine if there was enough interest to start a church. John was the kind of person that could never meet a stranger, and he won the hearts and souls for miles around! Long story, short: the church was built! The song, "The Little Church in the Wildwood" was its theme song. So many voices blended together, and now so many of them have passed on. Yup, I'd like to add a little chapel in the wildwood to The Cabin Path.

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