Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Day!!!

What to do for the Home School Thursday?? I knew that we are always on the hunt for more wildflowers, so I thought I would test their observation skills. I constructed a wildflower..a REALLY RARE wildflower!

I then went to feed the horses.  This morning, I had my usual greeting party....  the Cabin Cats, the horses, geese, and a few deer!

After feeding the horses and putting out the hay, I walked around to pick the perfect place to "plant" my rare wildflower so that my home school workshop would find it......

My Cabin Cats had to follow ...

I returned to the Gathering Room to wait for the workshop group to arrive!
I knew that several families were on vacation this week, so I knew we would have less than usual.  To my surprise, one family arrived with rakes and works gloves to help with trails! Part of our day was turned into a Trail Work Day!!!!

We did stop and see a few discoveries along the way.....

                                          Sprouting Fern
Ants and       Sticky mud!

The trail home had the hidden "RARE WILDFLOWER"..... Alex discovered it!

A wonderfully warm, sunny day....trail work done, discoveries made, and even time to water the seeds that are now sprouting!  The sunflowers are really growing, and the tomatoes are beginning to sprout, too!

A fun..April Fool's Day at The Cabin Path!

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