Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day at The Cabin Path

Our workshops began at 9 with a walk to the labyrinth cove.  We were looking for different kinds of trees, and collecting leaves for an art project. Along the way we saw wildflowers, birds, caterpillars, dragonflies, tadpoles, a Great Blue Heron, and it was a simply beautiful day to be outside!

Back to the Gathering Room, we made leaf mobiles.  After taking leaf rubbings, we traced the leaves and cut them out.  We had also collected our sticks for the top of the mobile, so we added yarns and ribbons and other seeds and found objects.

Leaf Mobiles:

We then hiked to the Native American Prayer Tree.

At the Prayer Tree, we talked about trees, and each person told about their favorite tree.  I also told the group an American Indian story about trees.

A hike back to the Gathering Room, we were met by another group that joined us!  We then had lunch and rested up for our afternoon hike.

A labyrinth walk and a stop by the Native American Rock Circle.

Earth Day...a day enjoying the outside wonders.  The workshop groups already realize that the earth needs a little help.  We see every week how important it is to preserve and protect the plants, trees, and animals, and we know that everything in nature is connected.  We celebrated Earth Day simply enjoying it!  I think all of us had fun!


Happy Earth Day...from The Cabin Path!

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Brooke B. said...

It was an awesome day! Thank you Sarah and thank you Earth!