Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a busy week at The Cabin Path! Last Saturday, we hosted a music workshop by Jodie.  At lunch, we welcomed in SPRING with a drumming/pennywhistle ceremony on the Native American hill!

Also last week, the AJC interviewed my Mom and I about the GA farm newspaper, Farmers and Consumers Market was in Sunday's paper..and a surprise mention about The Cabin Path!

I also had the privilege to meet Evan McGown, co-author of the wonderful book, Coyote's Guide. Evan stopped by after a meeting down at Serenbe.  He is helping to start a new school in that area.. a nature based school!  We walked all around The Cabin Path.  He is currently living in Athens, GA and working with a group, Wild Intelligence. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon!  Evan is a very centered young man with a love and connection to nature... a genuinely welcomed new friend! My only regret, I didn't take any pictures!!

Friday, another workshop! The weather was cool and damp, but we still hit the trails..looking for the ABC's in nature!  It is a great way to get children (and adults) to SEE things outside.  Letters are found everywhere, and this group found many that I had never noticed before!

Look at the little curved stick..its reflection forms a "C"..and there are many other letters hidden in this picture!

Another "wonder"ful week at The Cabin Path...I even discovered another patch of Trillium! I plan to work on trails again today...and of course, take my camera..the wildflower hunt is on!!!

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