Monday, July 07, 2008

Speaking of animals.....
many have asked me the fate of some of the animals shown on my web site. The goose with the arrow gets the most concern because many of our visitors saw this pitiful creature. Great news..after many failed attempts to catch him/her, (you should see the PVC pipe/net my husband a huge dipper) the goose actually loosened the arrow enough for it to be pulled out. I spoke to several vets that advised me to trim the arrow off and leave it. They all said that it evidently missed all vital organs. Well, Lance solved his own problem...he managed to work it back flush with his chest. There was a small dimple on his chest to identify him from the rest. He was able to fly, swim, and eat throughout the whole ordeal, and he/she raised a family that spring. I can no longer see the scar, but it still claims The Cabin Path as home.

Bingo, my beloved dog, died last fall. She was almost 18. She was the most gentle spirit, but she would have defended me to her death. She never chased any deer, cats, geese, but she was my shadow and friend. She loved to ride in the golf cart with me around the property, and she never left my side. I miss her terribly.

The baby deer is now grown. This season, there are 2 new spotties. The Moms wisely have them safely inside of our neighbor's fenced yard...the "nursery"...and they will be released when the Moms say it's time!

The cabin cats have all been spayed and neutered. Two have disappeared..I suspect coyotes. Callie and C.C. love the freedom, and they have the shelter of the cabin and the barn. I feel that it would destroy their spirit to confine them to a house, but I worry about them constantly. An old yellow "Grandpa" Tom has also taken up at the cabin, and he's next on the list to be neutered.

Maddie is a fairly new addition. She is an Australian Sheperd from a rescue. Badly abused when she was a puppy, she was returned to the shelter two times before my daughter saw her. She cowered down if she was approached, and she would be so frightened that she would wet on herself. Months of patience and lots of love have helped her, but she still frightens easily, and it has been challenging. She is so sweet...I cannot imagine anyone harming her, but she still bares the visible and invisible scars of abuse. She has a safe place now. Jesse was found at the barn when he was about 6 weeks old. A mystery still, but he and Maddie are best friends.

Stormy, the white horse, passed away a year ago last fall from Cushing's Disease. He was 22. The purple on his head in the picture was from a berry patch! He loved to scratch his head on the tree, and he often looked like an Indian war pony or a mystical unicorn! He greeted me every morning with the most wonderful neigh..even up to the day he died! Some mornings I forget he's gone, and I expect to hear him. He had the typical Arabian attitude, but he is missed. He was part of our family for 12 years. He's buried at the far end of the pasture, and it is now called "Stormy's Point"

Those are a few of the updates. Some sad, but all of the critters have love, care, and a safe place. They give so much and ask so little. The 2 new kittens have almost doubled their weight, and they are thriving. I'll be posting more updates, and I have been keeping a journal of their stories that may turn into a book! I'll let you know! See the Photo Show, "One Safe Place" on my web site. The web site is and click on the sign post "STABLE" The Photo Show is at the bottom.

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