Monday, June 23, 2008

Last week, I received a call from a neighbor. "We have a baby deer trapped inside our fence!" I, too, was concerned that the little guy was away from his Ma, and it needed food. I searched wildlife rescue sites and read up on the feeding and care of baby white tailed deer. I promised to help the little guy, but I knew that deer would take care of their young unless something major had happened. I waited until the next morning to make sure that Ma was indeed gone.

I received a call the next day. "The Mama jumped back in the fence and is feeding the baby AND there is another Mama and she had her baby inside the fence, too!"

DUMB animals? I think not! Coyotes have become a problem in our area. Last year, I noticed a big decline in the number of Spotties. I had to imagine that coyotes were to blame. Evidently, these two very resourceful Mamas figured that a fenced yard would protect their babies. I see them every morning and every evening as I feed the horses. They stay close to the fence and keep watch. One of the Moms is an old timer around here, but I believe the other one is a first time Mom. How amazing it is that they teamed up to protect their young. I told my neighbor that they should feel honored to be trusted with such a gift. Yes, there are many life lessons to be learned from nature.

The babies have a large email following. Our neighbor sends out daily updates and pictures. Yes, they eat Hostas, flowers, and veggies, but we have taken so much of their habitat. It's nice to share.

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