Friday, January 15, 2010's been cold! The Cabin Path Workshops will resume in March!

As many of you know, I lost my only sister to ovarian cancer in November. I cancelled all fall workshops to help with her care. It has been a slow healing process for both me and our 93 year old Mother. Cheryl was my best friend...and a huge believer in my projects here at The Cabin Path. I miss her...and I am planning a Butterfly Garden in her memory down at the labyrinth cove. A few days after her death, I read a quote: "If there were no changes, there would be no butterflies."
That quote surfaced four more times in totally unrelated places, and a very late season butterfly was on the doorknob of the Gathering Room one morning in December.
I felt as though she was sending me a message. Several have made donations to The Cabin Path in her memory, and all funds are going to the butterfly garden.

New workshops are coming! A group of photographers have been meeting regularly, and The Cabin Path has a Flickr Group! Talk of photography workshops are in the works, as well as music workshops! The Cabin Path Pickin' Group is sounding better every
month! We plan some nursing home concerts, a Caregivers Day concert, and a Gathering/Picnic on Jan 23 here at The Cabin Path. Our monthly (2nd Thursday Night) practices (6 PM -8 PM) are open to any that want to play or listen! I am also going to start a Loss Support..or I may call it a "Life Support" Group!... and the regular Thursday Home School Workshops will resume in March! (11 AM - 1 PM)

Plans and projects are coming together. Much work on the trails will need to be done after this winter, so if picking up sticks is your therapy, please let me know!
I can vouch that it is very healing.

Watch for more updates! 2010 will be an exciting new year for The Cabin Path!

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