Sunday, June 07, 2009

Life gets complicated. Everyday stress and worries often fill the days, and even the nights.
I had a workshop last fall on the 5 senses in nature. I asked a group of children to name their 5 senses. "Sight!" exclaimed one child..."Smell!" said another..."Taste!" then "Touch!" and finally, "Hearing!" About to continue the walk and lesson, I noticed a little boy with his hand up. "Miss Sarah!" he said. "I know another sense!" I paused and asked him to name it. His answer, "I have a sense of WONDER!"
Too often we forget our sense of wonder. We take for granted a smile, a flower, our families, our memories, and sunsets. Simple things that would be missed and often go unappreciated...and even important things that will be missed and often go unappreciated.
I no longer call my workshop The Five Senses in Nature, it's simply Senses in Nature. Whenever things get hectic and seem overwhelming, I pause and remember the lesson I learned from a little boy one day last fall on a walk in the woods at The Cabin Path.

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kat said...

so precious! sense of wonder :-) I love it!