Monday, May 25, 2009

After a day of scattered showers, I decided to walk around the lake before dark. I paused to watch the Great Blue Heron fishing silently along the shoreline. The croaks of the frogs, the fog on the water, and the stillness of dusk was so peaceful. I checked the spillway and the beaver's progress of damming it up and picked up an empty water bottle and some tangled fishing line that someone has carelessly tossed away. Even with posted signs, we still have people to sneak in to fish..not a crime, but when they leave "our yard" full of trash, it makes me mad. Once our water leaves the spillway, it joins a creek that joins the Chattahoochee our trash becomes many people's trash. I received a post from a Home School group about an effort to clean up the river. Too long, the Hooch has been abused, and the "South Side" has suffered the most. Many complain (myself included) but very few efforts have been made to clean it up. A group called Georgia Trail Outfitters and Richard Grove are planning a weekend cleanup June 26 -28 on our part of the river! One trip has already been made. Richard and 3 others have hauled out 1,130 lbs of trash from Plant Wansley to Franklin. Please help to spread the word. The web site links will give you more information. There are many ways to help, so please do visit the sites and support this great cause.

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