Sunday, May 18, 2008

A walk around to see all the trees down from last weekend's storms led me to new discoveries. The upper part of the property had suffered the most damage. A swampy bog area filled with River Cane and Switch Cane is now the resting place for 3 huge giants. Two oaks and one maple are now uprooted. They took down the top of an old Dogwood as they fell. They led me to a new area that I don't visit often. A grassy leafy flower..looking alot like monkey grass..had a tall white plume. A tentative ID is Fly Poison... not rare, but interesting..and the little three lobed flowers, but I'll watch them carefully. I believe they are Hepatica, but will ask a few friends about them. I spent most of the afternoon with all of my wildflower books and downloaded pictures. Amazing that these treasures have gone unnoticed. It took downed trees after a storm for me to discover them. sometimes takes a storm to notice what has been in front of you all of the time.

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